«She became a walking tattoo artist»: this is how a girl with tattoos earned more than $ 300,000

Especially her fans, it’s always awaited her new tattoos.

Meet Amber Luke, who spent more than 190,000 dollars on the transformation of his face and body.

She is only 26 years old, and she is from Queensland, she created her dreamy appearance and earned so much money on social networks.

It surprises millions of people and fans who simultaneously amaze and value a great and painful transformation.

They can be inspired by a very new tattoo model to go and try it as a new idea.

This girl covered 99% of her body with tattoos.

In addition, she was also ordered to introduce blue ink in the eyes.

It is amazing that the procedure lasted about 40 minutes, after which she lost her sight for a couple of weeks.

On her body are 600 art samples, admiration for her fans.

Now she is at the top and earns on her fans.

As she said in an interview, she completely hated her former appearance.

The natural appearance drove her crazy, and she decided to make a quick and final decision for life.

She admits that her appearance is unusual or even ignored by many, but she likes her.

In addition, she also told me that she spent from 15,800 to 16,845 dollars almost every 4 weeks.

She is proud of herself and also evaluates the professionals who entrusted her body.

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