«Mother of 15 siblings»: 22-year-old caring girl who adopted orphans from Africa

Davis had the opportunity to choose where to go but decided to move to Africa.

This kind and the heroic story is about a 22-year-old girl who quit her studies to raise 13 African children, becoming their mother.

Meet Kathy Davis, who first fell in love with Uganda and her nation when she was a little girl.

This American then became a missionary to save them and do everything possible for them.

She moved to Uganda at the age of 19 from her homeland in Nashville after receiving a high school certificate.

Davis had the opportunity to choose where to go, but she decided to move to Africa.

Soon, she organized her own organization so that local children were educated.

As you know, in most African countries it is almost impossible to see educated people.

Since the average life expectancy here is low, children who have lost their parents have to make money themselves.

Therefore, they have to leave their studies and do household chores.

Only on the third day, when she took up several girls, who were completely alone, one of the girls said «mother».

She was so impressed that she took 13 daughters at once.

Moreover, the girl found her love in Africa.

Her partner is Banji Majors, who was also a missionary in Uganda.

They legalized their relationship in 2015 and later gave birth to two children.

This story is very touching and inspiring!

They are just amazing!

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