A cute pit bull from the shelter began to communicate with the cats and behaved like them

Pit bull began to rapidly transform from a dog into a cat.

Who belongs to the role of the true head of the house?

The sisters of Samantha and Bethany Castiller, living in the American outback, received an answer to this question, and he confused them.

Recently, a two-year-old Pitbull Mako very much wanted a dog to the house of the shelter.

But their two domestic cats, as it turned out, had other plans on this score. And suddenly good-natured Mako began to rapidly turn from a dog into a cat!

At first, the sisters had real fears that their authoritative cats and pit bull, that is, not some kind of marsh, would come into conflict.

But, to their surprise, the bakers and Gizmo, as they call cats, took Mako under their wing. And soon the sisters began to pay attention to the fact that the dog adopts their habits from cats.

Jumping somewhere just for Mako is not difficult! A joint meal is the best time!

Photos are taken in order to confirm what is happening and show that all this is actually happening.

Since this is impossible to win, you must use the situation! Patience Samantha and Bethany. However, they probably have the best pets!

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