This orthopedist is a real angel for pets and he saved 20 thousand animals

Derrick makes prostheses for lost limbs and records videos for veterinarians.

Derrick Campan has a big and kind heart. Throughout his life, this orthopedist from the United States saved the lives of wounded animals.

Now Derrick has about 20 thousand animals, which he, in the literal sense of the word, put on his feet. Derrick makes prostheses for lost limbs and records special training videos for veterinarians.

Just starting his professional career, Derrick intended to develop and produce prostheses for people, but the case that happened to his dog sharply changed his plans.

Labrador Charles greatly damaged his paw and urgently needed a prosthesis. Derrick tried to make a denture for his pet on his own, and he succeeded. And then he decided that he would devote his life to the help of wounded animals.

Fifteen years ago, he founded Animal Ortho Care, which specialized in the production of prostheses for pets, and then the company began to produce prostheses for pupils of zoos and reserves.

Over the past years, Derrick has made thousands of prostheses for dogs, cats, goats, camels, foxes, sheep, gazelles, and elephants.

Animal Ortho Care is visited by veterinarians from around the world and some of their patients, Derrick even examined him personally.

Well, if an animal that needs a prosthesis is far from the United States, then a special kit is sent to its owner, with which the exact shape of the limb should be determined. Then, on the basis of these measurements, a prosthesis is made.

Derrick is well known in the United States and repeatedly invited «Heroes among us» to the television show. Derrick himself calls his most significant project a prosthesis for an elephant named Jabba.

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