«They set a goal and reached it»: this purposeful couple was able to lose weight by almost 200 kg

Lovers displayed their weight loss, which helped them attract a lot of followers.

They dropped almost 200 pounds and describe how they succeeded.

We are often inspired by stories about those who overcome obstacles and achieved their goals in all conceivable ways.

This fairy tale describes almost 200 kg, which the husband and wife were able to drop.

Dustin at birth was a rather tall boy. He weighed 5 kg. Naturally, in his school years, he was much higher than his peers.

They even made fun of him, saying that he had problems with the search for a girl. But since he met with Raquel, in this case, they were simply misinformed. She discussed with him her greatest passion-love for food. The weight was already overwhelmed when the decisive moment came.

The weight of the man was 242 kg and his wife-135 kg. They had many problems due to excess weight, but the largest of them was that they could not produce a cub.

As a result, the couple underwent the most important operation to reduce the stomach. They also agreed to carefully reconsider their food.

In social networks, lovers demonstrated their weight loss, which helped them attract a lot of followers.

The couple gave birth to a daughter when the weight began to stabilize. To help people who are also trying to lose weight, they also launched their own food delivery program.

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