«They seem to be drawn»: a photographer showed the world the owners of the most unique eyes

Nobody, however, could stare at those eyes and stay unmoved.

This is most likely the most vivid, expressive, and strangest photograph of human eyes ever made. The whole planet is enclosed inside two diamonds that come to life.

Sometimes it can be a world of sadness, suffering, and loss, sometimes a world of love and joy, or just a magnificent fragment of ancient wisdom. However, no one could look into these eyes and remain indifferent.

Maybe they are not even people? In particular, those whose bodies were captured by higher powers or who turned into guides into the spiritual world? If not, then where is this all this strength, purity, and beauty?

Of course, every circumstance always has a boring practical explanation: the photographer spent all day in preparation, getting the perfect picture and countless photographs.

Before that, I was looking for a good guy for months. However, do we want to believe in fairy tales anymore?

What about these people, if the eyes are a mirror of the human soul? Or a strange mixture of genes, which gave this person abnormal eyes, was a random coincidence?

And if this is so, then do not scientific achievements allow us to imitate the whims of nature and give everyone such magnificent eyes?

Let them at least be a little similar to each other; In the future, undoubtedly, training halls will appear, where chic eyes can be «pumped up» like biceps or buttocks. Do not use plastic surgery or chemistry.

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