«Only their mother can distinguish them»: no one can distinguish British sweet triplets

She discovered that the triplets had absolutely identical genetic makeup.

For Becky-Jo Allen, the news that she wears triples was in itself a surprise. And when the young romance, Rocco and Roan returned from the resuscitation, their mother was waiting for another surprise.

Since other mothers mentioned how similar the cubs were to each other, Becky Joe decided to send DNA samples for testing.

She found that the triple has an absolutely identical genetic composition, which means that it is only one of the 200 million cases.

Fortunately for a 23-year-old mother, the distinctive features of children and developing personalities allow her not to confuse them with each other.

Although it was difficult to distinguish them from each other when they were newborns, the young mother claims that she had never done this.

Everyone has birthmarks in the area between the eyebrows, but the novel has a little darker than the rest, and Roan also has one on the leg, she explains.

«Doctors claimed that they were not identical while they were in the hospital, but since they were discharged, many people told me that small people cannot be distinguished from each other».

Then it became clear that I was the only one who could distinguish them, which very explained the situation!

Due to the painful headaches and nausea of Miss Allen of Gateacre, Liverpool, who also has a three-year-old daughter named Indiana, was an early ultrasound at the nine weeks of pregnancy.

At that moment, she discovered what she was waiting for the triplet.

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