«Once she was very fat»: the overweight girl was changed beyond recognition after losing weight

The girl consumed a variety of unhealthy items.

The weight of women among women was broken by an American.

As usual, a loving mother simply fed her child with a variety of delicacies and dangerous objects, inferior to all the desires of her daughter.

Today we will tell you about the girl.

Her name is Jessica. She is 25.

The young man weighed 222 kg. She invited the program.

It is interesting to note that the parents of the child themselves cannot accurately recall the moment when the magnificent girl, who looked like a doll, turned into a ball, tightly covered with skin.

The girl consumed various unhealthy products, including pizza, fried potatoes, fried chicken, hamburgers, sweet soda, and others.

The worst thing was that Jessica again began to get hungry after 30 minutes, and if she was not given food, she began terrible seizures. The girl consumed about 10,000 kilocalories during the day compared to the usual 1800 kilocalories.

Fortunately, the most difficult girl was able to lose weight!

Jessica was taken to the clinic, where she began to intensively fight for every calorie.

Doctors admitted that his psychological dependence on food was his main problem and that the solution was their recommendations.

Naturally, the girl refused treatment, because she did not understand why she was tortured; previously, she was served with a grin, but now they were simply banned!

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