«He became the husband of triplets»: a man marries sisters who did not want to be separated

They agreed to alternate going on dates with their favorite guy.

This happened in the Congo.

The young man contacted a girl via the Internet. The exchange of love letters grew into a date, followed by a marriage proposal.

Everything would have continued as usual, except that this girl was one of the three sisters. And they agreed to an alternate date with his beloved guy.

Since they were young, the girls shared everything equally and have always been quite friendly. When the topic of marriage rose, it became obvious that everyone was in love and want to get married.

The triplets did not contradict each other. As a result of their habit to share with everyone.

As a result, three jokers decided to marry their chosen one.

Realizing this, he did not resist for a very long time, because he loved each of them and did not see their differences.

Naturally, not all family members agreed with such a non-standard choice. Even the bride’s parents refused the invitation to the wedding.

So this wonderful family appeared. The sisters are happy that their loving spouse is standing next to them, even if they still cannot live separately from each other.

Polygamists did not have to choose between two satisfied partners.

He enjoys four-time portions of love, care, and affection, and he is delighted with peace and consent in the family.

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