«Everyone recognizes Macaulay Culkin»: this is what a beautiful family has a beloved actor

He disappeared from the public eye despite his recent struggles with his problems.

They breed goats and sell milk, cheese, and meat. Now 34 people live on the farm.

They also breed turkeys, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, and other birds. There are also several horses on the site.

Their connection was really complicated. Through three times. They got married on June 21, 1998, at a simple ceremony in a stone chapel in Connecticut after Rachel agreed.

Only 60 people were on the list of those present, but none of them were handed printed invitations. Instead, the couple developed a false plan to deceive the media, inviting visitors.

The newly -composed euphoria of the couple was, unfortunately, fleeting. A fire began in their house shortly before they were going to celebrate their first joint Christmas.

Four neighbors, unfortunately, died as a result of the rapid spread of the fire.

Then followed a protracted legal conflict. Macaulay blames himself for the decay of his little family.

The actor disappeared from the field of view of the public, despite the recent struggle with his problems. Its isolation was even more heated by rumors about discredited drug addiction.

Macaulay avoided the abuse of drugs, unlike many young actors, and only when he turned thirty, he even went to the club.

He often said that he was forced to avoid attributes of glory since so many people were counting on the fact that he would make a mistake.

Macaulay left the world and retired. He warmly did not like to be in the spotlight and instead preferred the safety and solitude of his house.

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