Cat has become a guard of the hospital and now he goes to work with a badge every day

He even got his own calling code on the back of his badge.

While most guards appear in a rather formidable guise, at the at Epworth Australian Hospital in Richmond, the guard is incredibly cute and harmless.

This is an electric guide that supports the law and order, enjoying the love and attention of staff and patients.

One of the employees who especially like Elwood is Chantelle Trollip. A woman works as a pathologist in the hospital.

She first met a red-white striped cat about a year ago, when she began to gain more shifts and continued to notice him in the hospital.

Once in July 2020, she noticed that he had a collar with an identification document identical to the one that she wore and other hospital staff had. He even has his own telephone code on the back of the badge.

«In fact, on that day I had several sad moments», Trollip says in an interview. «But when I saw his certificate, my mood immediately changed!»

Although it is unclear who made this badge, it looks ridiculous and official. Elwood proudly wears an icon with his photo, name, and title, when he examines the hospital premises.

A charming cat may not seem cool enough to protect the hospital from unwanted troubles, but in fact, he uses his attractiveness as a disarming trick.

At first, the hospital staff decided that Elwood is homeless, but recently they found that he was living on the street. The conscientious guard comes to work every day and is quite seriously treated by his duties.

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