«Boy’s commendable act»: he stopped the traffic and helped an unfamiliar grandmother

He began to be recorded on video after that.

A young American named Maurice Adams Junior stopped moving to help an elderly grandmother.

He was in an SUV with his mother when they saw how grandmother was trying to climb the stairs near the busy intersection, where she could fall at any time.

Adams immediately ran out onto the road to stop the movement after the woman blocked the car with her body. After that, they began to record him on the video.

The child rushed to the old woman, put his hand on her back, and slowly helped her climb the stairs, putting the walkers.

Grandmother hugged the young man tightly and praised him as special when they reached the top.

The young man did not know that he was recorded. Adams’s mother expressed her happiness with her son in an interview with WSB-TV, Atlanta.

This is quite emotional, the boy’s mother explained. This also demonstrates the respect that the education process is in the right direction.

Everyone was extremely touched by his performance and, undoubtedly, impressed.

One of the witnesses of the good deeds of the young man also told reporters that he had met with the boy and as a result handed him a significant amount of money.

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