A unique vampire cat met a kind woman and after that did not want to leave her

This strange cat is like a hero in horror films.

Monkey is not just a cat with such a «funny» name. He sometimes brings people in shock; he has real vampire fangs!

The hostess of the cat Nicole Rienzi took him in her arms with a small kitten-recessing, half-blue, hungry.

Then they almost knocked it down by the car when they were traveling with Mother Nicole.

The cat remained in the family of a woman; they became attached to him with their souls, and then it began, the cat began to grow, which soon fell below the lower jaw!

Nicole was frightened, but not the fangs of the vampire, but simply for cat health.

However, in the veterinary clinic, the doctors explained to her that a «sabe-toothed» phenomenon is rare, but it would not hurt to live a monkey.

After Nicole posted a photo of her pet on the network, many refuse to believe that this is not a photoshop.

But the owner assures: everything is true with the monkey! Indeed, fangs are not magic wings that you can doubt.

We wish the monkey good health and peaceful life with the family. He deserves a lot of treats with the help of his famous teeth!

Would you like to have a vampire cat?

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