«Head looks like a dandelion»: a unique boy has very curly hair and everyone laughed at him

The adorable boy, who is only two, was taken to the stylists by his mother.

Generally speaking, ladies and especially adults come to such concerts. They solve many problems, making small adjustments.

Children, however, sometimes come for a change. George desperately needed changes. The charming young man, who is only two years old, was taken to the stylists by his mother.

He knows everything, but his speech is still developing.

The young man has a small problem due to his very curly hair, because of which his head looks like a dandelion.

Although he seems sweet and cheerful, he actually has hair, which is difficult to take care of, and it is known that both children and adults make fun of this guy.

It is incomprehensible that someone, whether a youth or adult likes to laugh at them.

The hairdressers promised to help, realizing the seriousness of the circumstances.

So we decided to mainly shave this «dandelion». The back of the head was completely shaved, and only parietal and frontal hair remained.

George looks great with this hairstyle, it is very cool.

The young man is satisfied and joyful. Now he is sure that no one will laugh at him.

He is unique, right?

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