A kind man immediately jumped into the metro on the rails, and this way he saved a cute kitten

Realizing that he could not wait for help, he acted on his own.

Egor Kuzin-owner of the cafe «Cats and People» in Moscow. The man loves animals very much and once he had to take a chance on his life in order to save the kitten.

On his Facebook page, Egor told the story of a small kitten, which spent two days on rails in the subway.

Metro workers were not going to do anything. Trains flew over the kitten one after another, and his life hung in the balance.

Realizing that he could not wait for help from the subway workers, Egor decided to act independently. He jumped right on the rails. He himself could not pull out the kitten.

But now the head of the station nevertheless instructed to save the animal. But this could be done much earlier and at night, when trains do not go to the subway.

The police detained Egor for the offense, but so many people stood up for him that law enforcement officers released an animal lover.

The saved kitten turned out to be a girl. Her finger was broken on her leg and cut off his tail. Apparently, they mocked her and threw it on the rails. But now the kitten is all right, it has already been taken to a new house.

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