The young couple was able to help lose weight a very fat cat, which was taken from the shelter

They were immediately interested in a very fat pet at the age of three.

This young couple works in a factory for the production of cat seats, shelves, and stairs. And to test them for strength, testers live in their house-a couple of cheerful cats.

And then the guys decided to take the third, already adult. Where to get it? Of course, in an animal shelter! There they were immediately interested in a very fat pet of the age of three.

They said about the cat that he fell into a shelter from the deceased owner, who did not really care about the health of the pet and fed him with scraps from the table.

Bronson (that was the name of the cat) was assigned a diet, and according to the qualified advice of the veterinarian, who explained that the cats were dying if they are too zealous for losing weight.

Per day, the cat began to consume 375 kcal. But if in the shelter he slept all day, then simulators and cat slides awaited him at home!

Moreover, Megan and Mike carried his beloved cat rooster and higher, so that he inevitably had to show miracles of dexterity and mobility.

As a result, in the first year of life in the family, Bronson lost a whole kilogram!

He became more mobile, and the owners are confident that in another year he will acquire a normal form.

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