«Goodbye, Barcelona»: Shakira said goodbye to the place where her heart was broken

This was told by a close friend of the Colombian celebrity.

As fans of the 46-year-old Shakira found out, a few days remained before the singer’s move to Miami.

Very soon, the star finally farewells Barcelona, which became for her the place where her heart was broken. However, the celebrity does not go alone. She will pick up children born from the former civil husband Gerard Pique.

This was told by a close friend of the Colombian celebrity, who shared information with Mirror.

The famous singer decided that from now on she would live in Miami with her sons, 10-year-old Milan and 8-year-old Sasha.

Moreover, it was previously planned that Shakira will move to another country in January. However, due to a deterioration in the health of the 91-year-old father, singer William Mebarak, she had to change her plans a little.

But now Sasha and Milan will be able to start studying in Florida after the end of the spring holidays.

So the sons of Gerard, most likely, will be easier to join the team.

Recall that the pop singer and peak signed an agreement on custody of common children back in November. According to this document, it is assumed that the boy will spend the holidays with his father.

Moreover, Shakira, in order for the children to live with her almost all the time, even reached the point that she pledged to pay for all the flights of a peak from Spain to America when he visits his sons.

Of course, we are not talking about economy-class tickets.

Fans, as, of course, and Shakira herself, were especially struck by the fact that the football player replaced the famous singer with a 23-year-old student.

The singer expresses his indignation with this story in her songs. So, in one of her recent compositions, she laughed at Clara, comparing it first with cheap clocks, and then with a budget car.

Then she assured that Clara had already been prepared for a place in hell for what she had done.

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