«Copy of her father»: beautiful Irina Shayk’s daughter looks like her father Bradley Cooper

Photographers caught Cooper walking, gently holding his daughter’s hand.

The other day, the paparazzi was photographed by Bradley Cooper while walking in New York with his five-year-old daughter from Irina Shayk Leia.

Moreover, the photos that appeared on the network helped fans finally decide on the question of whether the girl looks like a dad or a mother.

The photographers found Cooper, who was walking next to Leia, gently holding her daughter by the hand.

Bradley, as he proved, is generally an exemplary father. Bradley never evades his parental duties.

Moreover, he manages to plan his work schedule in such a way that he always replaces Irina when she travels around the world for work.

While she wanders from one fashion show to another, Cooper gives her daughter all her time. And now, while Irina flew to Paris for a week of fashion, Bradley stayed with his daughter.

As the fans looked at the pictures, if more recently they still doubted whose appearance Leah inherited, now everyone is sure: the older she is, the more it looks like her father.

Note that Cooper has repeatedly admitted that paternity has opened a new stage in his life, radically changing it and making him completely happy.

For the sake of his daughter, he even managed to establish a normal relationship with her mother.

But for the first time, when Shake left Cooper in 2019, they did not even talk to each other. However, gradually things went on recovery.

Moreover, over the past year, the former civilian spouses became close and fans began to suspect that they could well reunite as a couple.

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