«Choice of the actress surprised fans»: it is interesting that Monica Bellucci has a new boyfriend

It turned out that this unique romance began a very long time ago.

58-year-old Monica Bellucci is again in love and is completely happy with her new boyfriend. One of the friends of actress shared this information with this information.

As it turned out, Monica meets with the 64-year-old director Tim Burton. Although this novel began four months ago, the lovers managed to meet all this time without attracting attention.

At the same time, at the very beginning of their love story, Monica and Tim saw a couple of times together. But it never occurred to anyone that these meetings were romantic.

After all, Bellucci and Burton seem to be an absolutely incredible couple.

In fact, Bellucci is just the embodiment of glamor. Sometimes it even seems that she came from the past, from the golden era of Hollywood.

And Tim with his eternally disheveled hair is very extravagant both as a person and as a director. He is the author of many films of a mystical or fabulous genre, often a little creepy.

Nevertheless, Burton and Monica became a couple. Although they have known each other for many years, their novel began only in October last year after they met again at the Lyon Film Festival, where Bellucci handed him a reward for his contribution to cinema.

Note that Romance with Tim became the first for Monica after a long break. Indeed, with Vincent Cassel, her husband, and father of two daughters, she broke up back in 2013.

And the only romance she allowed herself after the divorce, with the young artist Nicolas Lefebvre, ended four years ago, in 2019.

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