«Actress commented on the appearance of Shiloh»: this is the reason for Jolie’s daughter’s haircut

At the end of January, the paparazzi photographed Shiloh with a buzz cut.

Recently, since new photos of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt have appeared on the Web, Angelina’s fans are perplexed, about what made the girl go to such a radical shift in the image.

As Jolie herself explained, the new haircut of her senior biological daughter is not at all explained by the desire of the girl to attract attention.

It turned out that Shiloh broke up with her hair, not in vain. At least, so thinks Angelina.

The fact is that Jolie, who constantly and actively supports women around the world in the struggle for their rights, convinced her two older daughters to join the movement of women fighting for equality. In protest, many women cut their hair.

However, Jolie herself did not want to part with her hair. But as a result of her «agitation», both her senior daughters, 18-year-old Zahara and 16-year-old Shiloh decided.

Zahara donated only a few strands, but the younger sister resolved the issue radically and now «flaunts» the ultra-short haircut.

However, perhaps Shiloh would have decided on such a step without the persuasion of her mother. After all, she is an independent girl.

So, the daughter of Jolie has already received rights, and now she drives the car herself. Not to mention the fact that Shiloh will soon become financially independent.

As it became known, she already earns up to 14 thousand dollars a week, pretending to be tutoring schoolchildren and acting as a dancer.

Last year, videos appeared on the Web, proving that Shiloh had outstanding choreographic talent. And in the near future, a girl, who receives many sentences in this area, intends to try herself as a model.

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