«Actor was worried about the incident with his lover»: Matthew McConaughey nearly lost his wife

The recent flight almost became the last for the mother of the star’s children.

53-year-old Matthew Mrs. McConaughey survived the strongest stress due to the incident, in which his wife Camila Alves was involved.

The fact is that Mrs. McConaughey was on the verge of death. The recent flight on the Lufthansa aircraft almost became the last movie star for the mother of children.

As it became known, the airliner flying from Austin to Frankfurt was forced to make an emergency landing at Virginia Airport because of the problems that arose in the flight.

Moreover, this incident was only a miracle to the life of the passengers on board, among whom was Camila.

The actor’s wife shared a video on social networks, which shows the deplorable state of the aircraft’s interior after an emergency.

According to the actor’s wife, while flying over Tennessee, the plane fell into an exceptionally deep air hole. And in a matter of seconds, he collapsed down almost a kilometer.

Then he fell into terrible turbulence. So strong that, according to eyewitnesses, the plane almost collapsed in the air.

After that, the crew, fortunately, nevertheless managed to make a forced landing at the nearest airfield. However, the landing was very tough. As a result, 36 passengers were injured of varying severity. And seven of them had to be taken to the hospital.

Nevertheless, Matthew is happy that he got off with fright, although very strong when he heard about the emergency landing of the aircraft with his wife. After all, Camila herself as a result, fortunately, intact and sound.

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