Tigress really liked the water from the first swim and now does not want to get out of the pool

The little tigress took water procedures for the first time.

Sometimes animals can surprise us with their desires and behavior. We must always be prepared for their requirements.

Employees of the zoo became witnesses of a small but very significant event-a small tigress first adopted water procedures.

When the baby ended up in the pool, her delight knew no bounds. She splashed and enjoyed more than ever before.

The joy of the Tigress was divided by all those present, who did not expect what bathing would be like.

The fact is that everyone knows the baby as an evil tiger with a terrible disposition.

The cat was so carried away by water procedures that I did not want to return to its place. She jumped out of the hands of an employee of the zoo and joyfully rushed back into the water.

After that, the employees of the zoo had to return for the baby and force her out of the water.

Well, animals with characters can behave like that. In any case, this is not a bad habit for the child. We wish her good health. We also wish patience to employees of the zoo with this playful kitten.

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