«She became very happy»: the famous Cher records new albums with her young boyfriend

She talked about how happy she is with her new boyfriend.

In November last year, Cher confirmed that she was meeting with 37-year-old producer Alexander Edwards.

She told how happy she was with her new boyfriend. And, apparently, positive emotions have a beneficial effect on the state of the artist-on days, she told E! To reporters that she will release two new albums at once.

«I am flying to England because I plan to record two new songs. Alexander gave me some of these songs, so I am glad and excited about this», the star emphasized in an interview with reporters.

She admitted that she highly appreciates the talents of her boyfriend.

«He is not only a music producer but also a writer. He can do almost everything. And I am very happy about this», the celebrity added.

«Now I’m trying to bring myself into shape», the star said.

Recall that at first, Internet users were extremely skeptical of the new relationship with Cher. However, the insiders assured that she was not going to pay attention to criticism on the network.

«She is aware that this novel causes a lot of skepticism. But she doesn’t care. She enjoys attention and says that they have a special relationship with Alexander. He makes her feel more alive and desirable than ever», the sources from the star’s entourage shared.

By the way, she herself also spoke about her relationship with her boyfriend.

«Well, nominally it sounds really a little ridiculous. But in real life, we get along very well. You see, I really think he is a great person. And this is despite the fact that I have long stopped indefinitely endowing others with positive qualities», the star said.

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