«They look like their father»: charming Beyoncé finally showed her twins

Bey appeared in the photograph with her husband and three kids.

After the birth of the twins, Beyoncé became a mother and almost disappeared. But, having released her first Renaissance album this summer, the artist announced her long-awaited return to the stage.

It was expected that as part of the marketing of the record, the mother of several children would begin to actively use social networks. It is clear that the 41-year-old singer invariably attracts the attention of online worshipers with his bright graphics. Nevertheless, a real song was created from adult children’s photographs of the singer. Bay appeared in the photo with her husband and three children dressed like films.

Judging by her frame, Diva simultaneously wore the clothes of her mother and grandmother in the film. There are no suitable words. «Such a cutie!», comments on the post included: «Sir is simply indistinguishable from the husband », «It is amazing how strong the genes of your husband are», «The best family in Hollywood», etc.

Recently, the singer began to bring her older child to public events, for what is interesting to observe. The singer shocked the audience, nearly buying expensive diamond earrings. Another client gave her $ 85,000.

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