«She fascinated immediately from the first series»: the audience was surprised by the beauty of the heroine

Several paparazzi caught the actress taking a stroll in Beverly Hills.

Now she actively communicates on social networks, sacrifices for charity, and uses Instagram. To argue that the actress is already 47 years old, based on images from her «naturally looking» messages on social networks, is simply wrong.

Nevertheless, despite all efforts, the paparazzi still could shoot a star. Several paparazzi caught the actress on a walk in Beverly Hills. She chose a white outfit and did not apply cosmetics on this occasion. The celebrity was criticized when several unsuccessful pictures were printed in the media.

The lack of sleep or lighting emphasized aging so clearly. Who claimed that she has natural beauty? I miss something? «I represent a typical middle-aged woman with wrinkles», the reader said. It seems that someone is deceiving us.

Watch her page on Instagram. These are two different people. Another supporter was angry.

The personality has changed. However, her followers should learn to distinguish between the actress and her role. She looks youthful for her age even without makeup, and no one took particularly great pictures.

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