«Everyone was interested in the reason for the conflict»: Nicola Beckham about her conflict with her mother-in-law

The celebrities kept ignoring one another on social media.

The spring wedding of the couple attracted great attention from the media. On the other hand, journalists did not suspect that their union would turn into the most exciting meeting. In fact, after some time, there were good reasons for the online messages that they have many different attachments to each other.

At first, she claimed in an interview that she went to the wedding in a dress, which she created herself, but the masters really made it. Secondly, celebrities continued to ignore each other on social networks.

Many believed that she and Victoria were not in the wretches with each other.

There are no ideal families, she emphasized, demonstrating that there is still a misunderstanding between them. She also remembered the wedding dress.

I think it all started with this. Absolutely, I did not put on her wedding dress on the day of my wedding. To tell you the truth, I would really like it. I am also sure that she would create perfect clothes for me. I would be beside myself with joy. But she said: «This could not be allowed».

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