A wonderful puppy with an unexpected speed turned into a giant and wonderful dog

And next to her owner, the dog looked like a real elephant.

Unfortunately, our pets, to whom we are so accustomed, do not live forever. So, one Taiwanese family has just died of a favorite dog.

It is difficult to describe in words how hard the hosts experienced the loss of the pet. Most of all the little girl named Chang suffered.

To support Chang and her parents, close friends gave them a puppy-small, fluffy, and incredibly energetic. He was so fluffy and round that Chang called him Bun.

But as the new pet grew up, it became clear that he would be more like a huge loaf, and not a small bun.

Over time, the hosts learned that friends gave them not an ordinary mongrel, but a Broholmer-one of the representatives of a giant breed of dogs from Denmark.

When the bathhouse was 6 months old, her growth was almost equal to the growth of a man. And next to her owner, Chang Ban looked like a real elephant.

It’s good that with its size, the dog had a good-natured character. She was incredibly kind and with pleasure played with Chang: she ran, always allowed herself to hug, and even rode on her back.

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