The funny love that arose between the farmer’s donkey and the wild zebra surprised everyone

A few months later she came to the farm with a baby.

In the East Tsavo National Park in Kenya in the spring of 2020 in search of something unusual and new, a young zebra was drawn. She separated from the herd and began to look for herself in the park and beyond.

She was lucky to escape from a huge number of local predators who freely live in the park, after which she joined the herd of cows belonging to local farmers.

People did not pursue the zebra but reported the emerging employees of the reserve.

The zebra was taken to more suitable places for her, and she no longer tried to run away, but often came to the farmers as if to visit them. A few months later she came to the farm with a small cub.

The unusual color of the baby immediately attracted general attention. His legs were striped, like his mother, but the body and ears had features characteristic of a donkey and color.

Scientists have found that this is the mestizo of the female zebra and the male of the donkey, the zone.

Apparently, the love of Zebra and donkey knew neither biological canons nor territorial borders and continued even after the birth of an unusual baby, since the wild guest continued to visit the «spouse».

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