It is great when a kind whale was able to save a woman from a predator like a shark

Colleagues watched the progress of drones flying over the ocean.

Nan Hauser is more than sixty years old, and she devoted half of her life to studying whaling in its natural habitat. Once, when a woman studied the behavior of whales in the Pacific, she went under the water.

At this time, her colleagues watched the progress of operations through the drones flying over the ocean.

The biologist, who had seen a lot during his career, suddenly felt a strong fear, seeing a nearby giant whale, which was rapidly approaching her. Faced with such a large animal, the woman had no chance to survive.

The staff was too far to help her with something. It seemed that Nan was doomed.

But the whale did not want to kill a woman. He sailed to her, he tried his best to push her out of the water: with his huge fin, then gently pushing her with his nose.

At that moment, Nan felt even greater fear, because the air in its equipment would be enough for a short time. Every moment for her lasted an eternity, this minute was the most terrible in her life.

And then the whale, putting a little more effort, gently pushed it out from under the water. Fortunately, there were people nearby who could quickly help Nan.

Remembering the details of this terrible and at the same time happy incident, the experts came to the conclusion that the main threat to the diver was not at all peacefully swimming whales in the ocean.

While Nan was distracted by a hunchback, sharks swam toward her-creatures are much more dangerous. A meeting with him was worth the life of more than one scuba gear.

The women’s colleagues were in despair and stopped the record: they did not want to watch the scene of the brutal murder of Nan.

This case is one more piece of evidence that animals are unusually quick-witted and always ready to help a person!

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