«Superhero in real life»: the man spent $ 16,000 and 16 years to be like Superman

To be like a hero, he has already done 23 cosmetic operations.

Fernando Casillas said significant changes to fulfill his childhood dream to become a superman. To resemble a blue-eyed superman and not a dark-skinned Asian, he has already done 23 cosmetic operations.

In fact, Casillas worked for the ideal for 22 years of his life. Now he is 41 years old! A beer belly is the only problem that the superhero cannot cope with. Casillas even needed the services of a personal assistant. The latter inspired him to start playing sports and stop eating chocolate at night.

For the same reason, he had to abandon his other obsession with height. Considering that the superhero in the comics is much higher than 170 cm. Despite the fact that the average hourly payment in the Philippines is only $ 1.4, the man paid $ 7,000 for his appearance.

The man does not want to share his secret about how he earned money at all these events because of his family upbringing. His father works as a taxi driver, and his mother works in a cart with food. He likes to make the children laugh, and smile and instill hope because he works as a children’s animator.

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