«Such a record at this age»: a 7-year-old child set a world record in 100 meters running

He holds the world record for his age group.

Rudolph Ingram, better known as Flame, is a young athlete who has already established himself in the sports world at 7 years old. He recently performed in Florida and set a new record for his age category in running 100 meters with 13.48 seconds. He is a world record holder in his age group, and his outstanding speed and perseverance on the highway brought him the nickname «Flame».

However, Rudolph has abilities outside of athletics. He shows himself excellently in football thanks to his lightning movements across the field, which hold rivals in tension. He manages to maintain good grades at school and delight his father, despite his intense schedule with sports.

Rudolph began the path to this success at 4 years old when he first surpassed his American contemporaries in speed. During his sports career, he has already won 36 medals, including 20 gold. He also won the desired football prize «Heisman Trophy».

His father is very proud of the successes of his son and greatly supports his skills. Rudolph received several awards for his sportsmanship, but he is dissatisfied with his current level of performance. In the future, he intends to beat the world record of Usain Bolt.

Rudolph still has many tournaments and new records, this is only the beginning. Even Usain Bolt seems to begin to worry about the potential of a young wunderkind.

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