«Height does not interfere with true love»: a beautiful and unique family conquered the whole world

They were able to connect, create their wonderful fairy family, and live happily.

Get to know the Australian family of the Vorgan, who became viral after the publication of their history and images on Instagram.

Charlie, who is 27 years old, and her husband Cullen is delighted with her future. Currently, they are raising their charming daughter, and also expect that their second child will replenish their beautiful family. Due to the fact that both Charlie and Cullen come from elven fairy tales, they make up a special «magic» pair. An attractive man is 10 cm above his wife, and the growth of a charming woman is only 127 cm.

They were able to connect, create their beautiful fairy-tale family, and live happily ever after.

Despite their fears, they were able to quickly and without incident deliver their little princess. In an interview, she said that their dwarfness did not affect how much they liked life. She was given the name of Tilba, and now Charlie hopes for a miracle again. The couple retains optimism, despite the fact that the doctors have already discovered certain health problems.

They still believe that their child will be born normal and healthy. They can fully evaluate their wonderful life together.

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