The kind and cute cat began to protect another fluffy kitten and does not throw him in any situation

The first few days these two did not leave each other for a moment.

In the city shelter in North Carolina, one day they left a carrier for cats with a small fluffy pet inside. While the volunteers decided who would take care of the new participant in the shelter, it turned out that there was another kitten under the blanket in the carrying, and then Sarah Kelly, a volunteer transmitter, came to the aid of the kittens.

The smaller, Barnes, was 2-3 weeks younger and almost twice as lower than the senior knob.

The youngest hid behind his older brother and poked his nose in his fur in order to somehow calm down.

The first few days, these two did not depart from each other for a minute, and while they got used to it, Barnes constantly spun next to the Noble.

Barnes, as it turned out, had health problems, and it was not possible to cure him immediately. And while he took medicines and recovered, the knob was always there.

And as soon as the brothers left for a while alone, they began to look for each other.

These two means so much to each other that the volunteers did not even think to try to settle them in different houses.

When Michelle learned a touching story about pussies, she immediately fell in love with them and went all the way from Chicago to meet the saved combined brothers.

And it was love at first sight! The kittens did not let her go, moreover, they immediately occupied her hands, and Barnes climbed onto her husband’s shoulder and immediately fell asleep.

After that, two kittens, which are now called Caleb and Tobias, quickly moved to their new house.

About a year has passed since both of them were thrown into the shelter, and now Tobias weighs a tremendous 5.4 kg. He is the pride of his family!

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