«Every girl wanted to have such a figure»: Conchita showed slender legs in high-հeels and mini-skirt

Her photos in all her splendor appeared on the Internet almost immediately.

Everyone was shocked by the singer’s outfit. An attractive performer prefers to wear feminine clothes and supplement her with funny high-heeled shoes.

Nevertheless, the last release of the singer caused a lot of noise on the network. It is true that the fans of Wurst noticed an intriguing detail.

Pictures of Conchita in all her splendor almost immediately appeared on the Internet, causing disputes and comments. Subscribers think differently about the singer’s appearance. Some think that she is impeccable and that many women would like to have her magnificent legs, while others are critical.

We would also like to hear your thoughts. How would you appreciate the appearance of a diva? What do you think about the unique sense of style of the star? You will find me in the comments.

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