The wonderful mother cat was very glad that good and caring people helped her kitten survive

Mother devotes all her time to licking her beloved red baby.

A few weeks ago, the volunteers of the organization of animals Rescue Cats of Florida took under their care of cats of one breeder.

Among the cats, there were also several future mothers in a position. To help these cats, the zoo defenders turned to a person with Samantha Fox, the founder of a specialized cat care service.

Especially a lot of trouble among the newly arrived contingent was delivered by the red-haired Gucci of the minuet breed (this is the Munchkin and Persian mestizo).

Gucci had all the habits of the star: intelligibility in severity, royal behavior, and the requirement to comb her thick coat when she pleases!

And a week after joining the Gucci family, she gave birth.

The only kitten is whom all maternal love immediately fell upon!

The kitten received a name worthy of his brush mother. And this exact red-haired copy of the mother from the very beginning was alive.

At least, he does not fall off from her mother’s milk until she brings her tummy (well, of course, -all her milk is alone!), And her mother devotes all her time to licking her beloved red sun.

And the cat joyfully burrows in the fur of the mother, masking her.

Now, after more than two weeks after birth, Versace proudly demonstrates his chubby tummy to the world, loves to sit under the jealous gaze of mom-cats in the arms of people, and adopts from mom all the best that is in the age of the old cat science to please others.

And success is evident!

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