«She was worried that her son was not like others»: mother publishes photos of her son, who surprises everyone

She hid from the world how tough it was for her ever since she became a mother.

24-year-old woman is a famous blogger who has more than 2 million subscribers on Instagram. The Internet sensation shares its training and beauty tips. She also often shares photos of her husband and their one-year-old son Maxim.

Kate hid from the world how hard she had since she became a mother. On October 15, the girl first published photos of her child without clothes on her Facebook page.

«I examined this position for more than 1.5 years. And two days before the publication, I was more worried than ever in my life. Only a small number of people were the first to whom my husband and I opened everything.

Since I often cry when I open my heart to someone, many people remain in ignorance», says Kate.

The baby of young parents was examined by the best experts in the world, but not one of them could establish the reason for such a feature of the skin. The couple just found a specialist ready to take up the recovery of Maxim.

«Chances and hope are still present. The doctor said that although nothing can be completely removed, the danger can be minimized. The minimum that will allow Max to live a full life will take at least seven years», the author writes.

According to experts, parents will need to pay about 420,000 euros.

Despite his achievements in the media industry, Kate and her husband are not have very much money now. As a result, the couple turned to the non-profit fund, which is now collecting money.

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