«Her transformation was a surprise for everyone»: the appearance of this girl after losing weight is perfect

Her life changed when her fiancé proposed to her and she made the decision.

Everyone who has at least once tried to lose weight knows how difficult it is to maintain motivation and adhere to a diet. Changes are never easy, but what can you do to continue to work on achieving your goal regarding health?

28-year-old Sophie Matheson made repeated attempts to lose weight, but after each failure, she gained weight twice as much.

Sophie’s life changed when her fiancé was an offer her, and she decided that she did not want to be a thick bride, after desperate attempts to drop at least a few pounds. Now she weighed a little more than 280 pounds, and when she saw all these beautiful and thin clothes, she wanted to get into each of them. It was necessary to do a great job, and until its large day, there were only three months.

Sophie began to go to the gym three times a week after he hired a personal coach. She played sports, performed the power complex, and adhered to a weekend diet.

The coach sent Sophie in the right direction. She ate a wide variety of products, including vegetables, eggs, oats, rice, and other cereals.

These results are only three months. Look how dazzling it is!

Sophie adds: «I never believed that I could feel so happy and protected». «My husband is satisfied with me, and now I can buy any clothes that I like».

Now she has her own blog where she discusses her weight loss. She encourages women and inspires others with her example.

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