«Few people remember him with his hair»: here is the famous Jason Statham if he was without a bald head

One of the actors whose hallmark was baldness.

Jason Statham often plays the hero of Hollywood militants. The guy should be strong, beautiful, disciplined, and hardworking. His bald head also plays a big role in this impression.

One of those performers whose hallmark was baldness is Jason Statham. But how did he look when he was covered with hair?

Of course, you know that the actor’s hairstyle has changed over time. He used to have hair, similar to Dmitry Nagiyev’s hair. Interested in his appearance?

As they say, enjoy! In the 1990s, when an ambitious actor was actively engaged in diving, Jason Statham was. This sport allowed him to have a beautiful, strong figure, which he still eats.

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