Walking with a dog, a man met a lonely and cute kitten and took him to his home

The baby, apparently, was barely three weeks old-he fit in a man’s palm.

John Nienaber walked his dog and drew attention to the kitten, who, stumbling and falling, tried to keep up with them during a walk.

The baby, apparently, barely turned three weeks-he was placed in a male palm.

Last summer, a man named John Nienaber walked with his dog and accidentally saw that there was a kitten on the road, which did not leave them a single step.

He was so small that he easily fit in the palm of his hand.

John called his wife with a request to bring food for the lost baby, hurrying with all his might for a man and a dog.

The woman fed the kitten, and then carried it to her sister since the spouses themselves had three cats and a dog at home.

One of the cats did not refuse, she was delighted with a new pet and joyfully accepted the kitten.

As a result, the cat, who was called Pino, grew up a large, cheerful, and perky cat, which likes to play with boxes of different sizes.

Each animal deserves the love and attention of a man. Yes, it is impossible to shelter all animals, but at least it would be great if we allowed them to live in peace of life.

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