«How did she choose him?»: 64-year-old Dolph Lundgren showed people his 26-year-old bride

Emma Krokdal was an instructor at the gym where the pair first got together.

64-year-old American actor Dolph Lundgren was seen in Western Hollywood, heading for one of the restaurants for dinner with his 26-year-old bride Emma Krokdal.

The artist’s boyfriend, a fitness instructor, later shared a photograph from that night on social networks. The girl replied: «We often mistakenly take the same clothes».

Emma Krokdal was an instructor in the gym, where the couple first met. The girl said that at that time she did not know about the glory of Dolph Lundgren. The artist made an offer to his lover in June 2020, and the couple published photos from the engagement on social networks. Although there were reports that Dolph Lundgren and Emma Krokdal secretly got married in 2021, they have not yet tied their bonds.

Two children who were born with a Hollywood actor appeared as a result of an artist’s union with an Anette Quiberg decoration designer. Ide, their eldest daughter, 26 years old, and Greta, the youngest, 21 years old. Girls get along well with their father’s brides, and social networks are often used to document their communication.

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