«They saw a message in a bottle»: the family received an incredible sign that the son was still nearby

The pleasure of finding the bottle prompted them to start looking for the letter’s author.

Brian Dahl studied at the school of Oxford University when he was 11 years old.

Teacher Marta Burnett gave students the task of writing notes and throwing them in «The Big Muddy», floating in bottles with lids and a wax seal.

Brian’s message was discovered 295 miles from the place where it was thrown more than 33 years later!

A very inspiring story about his message in the bottle and what it meant for his family all these years later.

Eric often did not pay attention to the ringing phone. But he decided to make a call because he was supposed to be in touch that evening.

He calls this «divine intervention».

This discovery was much greater than just an intriguing story about a message in a bottle for Eric, Melanie, and Chris.

The son of Eric and Melanie and the brother of Chris, Brian Dahl, wrote a faded and torn note in a bottle.

In 2007, the accident in Brian’s house led to his death at the age of 29. Brian, a passionate racer, by that time cancer has already been defeated.

Without a doubt, Billy and Brad had no idea what benefit the Dal family would receive from their detective work.

Billy said: «He is still among them. I think this will inform his parents that he also looked after them».

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