«Their kindness conquers hearts»: people have created a stroller that allows the boy to play in the ocean

Beach vacations have always been challenging for their family due to his illness.

One mother, who recently saw her crippled child, entertaining on the waves, brought her to tears. In response to the last request of a dying mother, the nurse adopted the son of a woman after her death.

Beach vacation has always been a problem for the Joey family because of his illness.

Nevertheless, Joey was able to enjoy the waves of surfing, because the charitable organization Beach Ability gave him access to one of his beach wheelchairs.

For the first time, Joey was able to experience the waves thanks to Helen, who was able to write this on camera.

«Observation of his reaction was, of course, one of the most memorable events in my life. He never laughed so much, to be the end honest». Said, Helen. «At first I doubted a wheelchair because I knew little about her and thought that she could not move around the sand», Helen continued. It was quite easy to use and smooth.

Joui likes to be next to the water, despite numerous sensory problems.

Therefore, his mother explained: «I had to try the beach ability to see if he has the same passion for the sea as he splashed in the bath.

It turned out that Joui loved to splash in the water»,-said Helen.

He is so small but so strong. I cried a lot, but these were joyful tears, and when I watched how pleased in my video, I also cried.

From beginning to end, the experience was flawless.

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