«Man did something incredible»: the kind owner of the cafe gave the homeless work for food

He no longer has anyone’s trust and has already given up on getting a job.

The reputation of Seisha Abigail as a pleasant and responsive person is well known.

Therefore, when a hungry man came to his institution to get free food, he made effort to talk with him.

Seisha asked about her absence from work.

The man said that he had previously committed numerous criminal offenses, so no one hired him.

He no longer enjoys anyone’s trust and has already refused to search for work.

He could not resist the proposal of Seisha, so he accepted him. About what happened next, Seisha told on her Facebook page.

The woman explains: «At that time, the restaurant did not have enough staff, so I asked him if he wanted to try». He grinned. He only objected: «I will do anything, only for the sake of food».

And it works here for about two weeks, 2 hours a day.

Guess what he did after I paid? He made a purchase in my eatery. Then he decided to pay.

Marcus, this man was never absent and did not be late for work.

We must help each other. Kindness is a valuable quality of people.

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