«10-year-old boy jumped into the water to save his mother»: mom suddenly had a fit during swimming

In the pool, the mother was having an epileptic fit.

The 10-year-old hero intervenes when his mother is experiencing a seizure during swimming. Children are ready for emergency situations!

The observation camera in the house photographed Gavin and his mother, enjoying the last summer days in the home pool.

When Gavin dives into the pool, as a well-trained lifeguard and his mother is just visible behind the scenes.

Gavin reaches it as soon as he can. As soon as he comes out of the water, he hugs her and lifts her face while he floats to the edge of the pool.

In the pool, Lori had an epileptic seizure. Gavin instinctively knew that her face should raise from the water.

Seeing what was happening, Gavin’s grandfather jumped into the pool to save Lori.

Gavin moves her to his grandfather, and you can see lightness on his face. He knew that she would survive in this situation.

The media currently call Gavin a hero. How surprising is this?

Despite the fact that he is only in the fifth grade, he received a prize to save his mother’s life. He previously saved the life of his parents.

Earlier, she was choking, and he saved her. He is a «little hero», and we hope that he will retain his strength, courage, and strength of spirit.

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