«They decided to play a new wedding»: the second wedding of Beckham and Peltz after the scandal from the first

Disappointed Nicola, without thinking twice, decided to throw another party.

In April last year, the heirs of two famous and, no less important, the richest families were connected by the bonds of marriage.

In appearance, the wedding of Beckham and Peltz was just the limit of dreams … But, as it turned out, at the preparation stage, everything went to dust.

More recently, we talked about scandalous trials, the details of which surfaced on the Internet almost a year later and rather surprised fans of the couple.

Then it turned out that after the angry father of the bride sued the organizers of the ceremony and demanded that he be returned to him in the amount of 132,000 pounds, the organizers themselves made a response.

The wedding guru accused the family of violating the contract and demanded compensation for significant damage.

Apparently, therefore, the disappointed Nicola, without thinking twice, decided to throw another party.

According to the publication of Closer with reference to its source, the model still cannot get rid of thoughts about the failed celebration and even associates a wedding accident with stress in relations between families.

«As the first anniversary of the wedding, Nicola recalls this day as intense from beginning to end. All this was a nightmare. She was not completely satisfied with the wedding, talked with three different organizers, and now connects it with quarrels, problems, and tension between families», the insider said.

The interlocutor of the publication noted that Peltz is so depressed that she could not even look at wedding photos. The second triumph is an ideal solution to the problem.

«There was talk about the new wedding ceremony for their first anniversary. She wants to repeat this day with a new dress, new photos, and a new organization», the source explained.

Nicole will finally be a chance to rehabilitate and go to the altar in a dress from Victoria Beckham.

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