«Selena Gomez without makeup»: the star showed her natural beauty without cosmetics on YouTube

The other day, Selena posted another video in which she does her makeup.

The 30-year-old star is not one of those who overdo it with filters and bright makeup, exhausting themselves with diets and training.

In general, Selena Gomez is not afraid to show her face as it is. She repeatedly appeared on the red carpet after natural changes-for example, when she gained weight.

It seems that the actress and singer finally embarked on the path of pride, so now from time to time publishes «natural» videos and photos in her personal profile.

The other day, Selena posted another video in which she makes makeup under her own Rare Beauty brand.

«Get ready with me … to do nothing», she joked over the old trend and sent fans to watch the full video of the makeup lesson on the YouTube channel.

In the video, Selena appeared absolutely without makeup. And the fans appreciated the naturalness of the result after applying makeup.

«I have never seen such pure beauty in any musician as in Selena», one fan could not restrain emotions.

«It seems to me or the only difference in lipstick? I watched the video twice and became convinced that Selena is beautiful by nature», another said.

«You are beautiful! Even if you have no eyebrows! », added the third.

Speaking of eyebrows. It was they who caused the «conflict» between Selena Gomez Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner, because of which the latter lost the title of the most popular woman on Instagram.

Natural beauty finally won Photoshop!

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