«It became known after communication with a gemologist»: journalists said how much Adele’s wedding ring costs

Gemologist Alexandra Michell spoke about the cost of such a piece of jewelry.

The other day, the Deux Moi blogger said that next summer Adele will finally marry his lover Rich Paul. This news, of course, instantly scattered throughout the media.

Journalists are discussing the relationship of the couple with might and main and diligently examine the ring, which was noticed at the recent performance of the celebrity.

So, journalists of the 4th channel have already contacted the expert Prestige Pawnbrokers Posh Pawn. The gemologist Alexander Michell spoke about the approximate cost of such jewelry.

«As far as I see, this is a diamond of pear-shaped cut weighing about 8 carats on a thin platinum base. The ring is decorated with small round diamonds on both sides of the central stone. The best design for a pear-shaped diamond. If this 8-karat stone will have a purity of at least if (without internal damage) and the color D (colorless), then its price will easily exceed half a million pounds», the expert said.

Fans meanwhile actively congratulate the celebrity on the engagement.

Many Internet users notice that next to Rich Adele is really glowing with happiness. Fans are looking forward to when the star confirms the guesses of journalists about the upcoming wedding.

And although Daily Mail reporters contacted the singer’s representatives yesterday, she has not yet reacted to the good news.

Recall that the relationship between Adele and Rich Paul began in 2021. The couple was in no hurry to declassify their novel.

But now they no longer hide their happiness from Internet users. In an interview, Adele mentioned how much she wanted to become a mother again. In addition, according to the star, personal happiness has a positive effect on her ability to work.

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