«As soon as there will be an opportunity, they will get married»: Brad Pitt is in love with his new lover

Rumor has it that he is so in love with his lover that he wants to propose to her.

The divorce proceedings of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie began in September 2016, after which the whole world followed without exaggeration.

Even now, the former spouses did not fully settle all their disagreements about the acquired property.

However, even such a not-very-pleasant experience does not prevent the actor from thinking about a new marriage. There are rumors that he is so in love with his current chosen one Ines de Ramon that he seriously wants to make her an offer. However, not in the near future.

The other day, US Weekly journalists talked with sources from Brad’s entourage, who said: «He is definitely in love with this woman. And although their relationship is still relatively new, Brad definitely considers them long-term».

Although Pitt has a very dense shooting schedule, sources report that the couple spends almost every free minute together.

«Brad really likes to be with Ines, because she radiates such inspiring energy. She tries to look at things from the positive side and is always ready for adventures. It is also important for him that his chosen one is extremely calm and positive», the source emphasized.

This was probably said in peak Angelina Jolie. Recall that rumors about the unbalanced character of the actress repeatedly went on the network.

Relations between Brad and Ines began in November of last year. Paparazzi have repeatedly seen them together. And the insiders said that Pitt managed to introduce Ramon to most of his children.

«He doesn’t care what Angelina thinks about this», the insider emphasized then. But Internet users sincerely hope to see a couple on the red carpet.

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