«Incredible transformation surprises»: the woman did not care for herself, but then she turned into a beauty

She is quite famous in this industry, and her work is admired by many.

Every woman dreams of seeing her beautiful reflection in the mirror. After all, this is such a pleasant feeling.

Ayan Shafag is a make-up artist and stylist. The girl from an early age wanted to transform people. That is why she began to do this professionally.

She took special courses and did not stop there: Ayan constantly improves his qualifications. She is quite famous in this industry, many admire her work.

Recently, Ayan organized an unusual project. She right on the street approached women who, in her opinion, needed the help of a makeup artist.

They were invited to her salon for a couple of hours. After the work of Ayan, women simply do not recognize themselves.

By the way, the make-up artist somehow manages to have women, because it is not so easy to trust a stranger.

So, the client of Shafag was an ordinary woman who did not follow herself for many years. The makeup artist took photos before starting so that the result could be compared to/after.

The client had a mediocre appearance, unremarkable. And in front of the Shafag opened space for work.

To begin with, she applied special tools on dehydrated skin. This gave a temporary result, but at least it will be possible to make makeup.

A woman needs to use skin care cosmetics on an ongoing basis to avoid such consequences.

Makeup is art. Ayan picked up makeup suitable for the client’s color type. At first, I made the tone of the face even: I had to apply a dense foundation. And now the guest began to look much better. To complete the tone, Ayan used proofreaders and blush, as well as a highlighter to give the skin a radiance.

We go to the makeup of the eye. The makeup artist decided to make them expressive. With the help of the shadow palette, Ayan achieved the effect of «smoky eyes», but not familiar with flowers, black or gray, but something more vivid. She chose pink shadows. In addition, he is still in fashion.

The last but no less important stroke, without which the image would be incomplete, is a hairstyle. And here the client has problems, hair simply needed restoration procedures. At the same time, Shafag used a caring mask and stained and laid the guest’s hair.

Although this transformation is temporary, let’s hope that this will push our heroine to some changes. And most importantly, the woman believed that everything is possible, and all women can be beautiful, you only need to make a little effort.

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