«He was again interested in the model»: Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio seemed to be reunited

However, DiCaprio broke up with the chosen one after the outrage in the press.

A few months ago, network users actively discussed Leonardo DiCaprio Roman with Gigi Hadid, who at that time barely managed to part with Camila Morron.

At the same time, insiders said that these relations are not approved by relatives of the model itself. For example, Bella’s younger sister considered a Hollywood bachelor too frivolous to build a relationship with a single mother.

As a result, after a couple of months, Leo and Gigi have already stopped appearing together in public.

Moreover, the actor spun an affair with the 19-year-old model Eden Polanya.

However, DiCaprio parted with the chosen one after indignation in the press. Sources close to the star claim that he desperately needs the reputation that he has now.

«He wants a serious relationship that he had with Camila», the insiders admitted.

A couple of weeks after this information, Leo was again seen in tandem with Gigi.

The ex-lovers who, according to the press, broke up, attended one of the parties in Milan.

What kind of relationship between Hadid and DiCaprio now, fans can only guess. However, no one believes in the sincerity of their feelings.

Many even think that Leo just wants to correct his reputation at the expense of a young mother.

«It is interesting why Leo is trying to pretend that he is not only interested in young models», «But I want to know why Gigi is doing this», and «It’s strange to look at it», the Internet users say.

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